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I have been

interested in film and sound since I was a child. I fell in love with both the moment a giant Star Destroyer flew into the screen the first time I watched Star Wars. My love of film lead me to take film production and editing courses in college. My love of sound and film took me to Vancouver Film School to study Sound Design for Visual Media. Combined with my passion for video games, I have been employed as a sound designer or video editor at Big Fish for over four years.

I have specialized

in game audio, and have designed sound for trailers and games. For more than a year, I was the sole Sound Designer at Big Fish Games Studios. In this capacity, I was responsible for the creation of sound effects and dialogue. I was also responsible for editing dialogue, music, and sound effects from various outside sources, such as contractors and games that Big Fish Games had previously released.

I have also spent the last two years working exclusively as a Video Editor. I have recorded and edited footage for hundreds of games. Big Fish's motto is "A New Game Everyday," and it has been my duty to make people want to purchase each of those new games through short trailers. This has given me the ability to work quickly and efficiently. It has also given me the ability to focus on the important aspects of games and videos in order to create an accurate yet enticing depiction of the game that I am selling.

Having worked in

the casual game industry, and designed sound effects, ambient sounds and VO for high end casual games, as well as creating and editing trailers for hundreds of games, I believe that I am well suited for a position as a Sound Designer or a Video Editor. I have the passion and aptitude for both Sound Design and Video Editing that I feel is necessary to flourish as an employee at your company. Thank you for considering me for this position.

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