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genesis project

 Mac OS9, MOTU Digital Performer, Digital Recording

This was my first experience with digital music recording and editing. These songs were mainly done in MOTU Digitial Performer in my Electronic Music classes at Southwestern College. This is a collection of the best of these projects.
   Creamy Delicious

   Simple Yet Effective

   With Bells On

   In The Womb



   Cuban Sitar

   Untitled 2

   Desert Sands Predator Awakens

   The Ladder

   Stupid Piano

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rusty gears

 In Game Music, Mac OSX, Propellerhead Reason

As one of my Game Audio projects at VFS, I created all of the music for a game called Rusty Gears. I took direction from the Project Director on the sound, feel, and instrumentation for all of these songs. This was a fun and challenging project, and these songs I count as some of my favorites.
   Rusty Gears Theme

   Cogs, Gears, Pistons

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 Mac OSX, Pro Tools, Digital Recording, Garage Band, Propellerhead Reason

This is a collection of my later works. Some of these songs were done on my computer at home, some were done as class projects at VFS, and others were commisions for websites and games. I also collaborated with my friend, the artist known as _underscore for a few songs.



   Jinx #1

   New Video Game Music

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final front

 In Game Music, Mac OSX, Propellerhead Reason

Final Front is a video game that was never completed. I was commisioned to do the music for it. I was asked for three songs. The intro was supposed to be my take on the Military Taps. The other two were loops that were intended to play in the different levels. I particularly like Loop 2.
   Loop 1

   Loop 2


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