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drew sayers - sound designer and video editor   
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 sound design projects

hidden expedition: amazon

 intro sound design; original sound effects

In May of 2008, I was given the important task of creating sound effects for the introductory movie of Hidden Expedition: Amazon, one of the most important titles being released by Big Fish games that year. I was able to take ambiguous instructions and quickly design solid sound effects that were received with great acclaim.

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mystery case file: madame fate

 comparison study; possible sound design

I like to take initiative and be proactive. During the summer of 2008, I took a scene from mystery case files: madame fate and made a video showcasing my talents vs. what they were currently using in-game. My effects weren't implemented but I was able to build trust and rapport with the Big Fish Games Studios team which eventually led to them using me in other projects.

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stone of destiny

 sound design; original sound effects; audio/video editing

I do what it takes to get the job done. During my employment as a Tester for Big Fish Games I was often called upon to help in making marketing videos. I was unable to capture audio for this game, so I created original sound effects for this video. All the sound you hear in this video is of my own creation.

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rusty gears

 sound design; video editing; dialogue recording and editing

As part of a student project, I was tasked with creating a marketing video for a multi-disciplinary student project. I edited the following video making sure to accentuate all of the students work while simultaneously using my skills to focus on sound design. I also recorded and edited all of the dialogue in the Rusty Gears project.

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